Job Search Assistance Program

Our recruiting agency is excited to introduce a unique service offering for job seekers: Job Searching as a Service. This innovative program is designed to significantly ease the job-hunting process for candidates. By outsourcing their job search to our expert team, job seekers can efficiently navigate the competitive job market. The service is offered as a monthly subscription at an affordable rate of $40 per month.

Key Features

CV Review and Update

Our team will conduct a thorough review and update of the job seeker's CV to ensure it reflects their skills, experience, and suitability for potential roles in the best possible light. We will optimize the CV for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to increase the chances of getting shortlisted.

Analysis of Suitable Positions and Platforms

Our experts will analyze the job seeker's profile and career goals to identify the most suitable job positions. We will also determine the most effective platforms (job boards, company websites, networking sites, etc.) to submit the CV, focusing on those that align with the job seeker's career aspirations.

Daily CV Submission for Relevant Positions

Our team will take on the responsibility of submitting the job seeker's CV to relevant job openings daily. We will ensure that the CV is submitted to opportunities that closely match the job seeker's qualifications and career objectives.

Constant Feedback and Communication

The job seeker will receive regular updates and feedback from our team. We will provide insights into the job market, progress on applications, and advice on potential next steps.

Benefits for Job Seekers


Job seekers save valuable time as they do not need to scour multiple job platforms daily.

Expert Guidance

Benefit from professional expertise in CV crafting and job market analysis.

Increased Opportunities

Enhanced chances of landing interviews due to optimized and strategically submitted CVs.

Stress Reduction

Significantly reduces the stress and uncertainty associated with job searching.

Subscription Details

The service is offered at a monthly subscription fee of $40. Subscription can be canceled at any time, providing flexibility to the job seekers. Our commitment is to provide a transparent, effective, and responsive service throughout the subscription period.

Empowering Your Career Journey

Effortless Job Searching, Expert Support.


Through this service, we aim to empower job seekers by managing the often overwhelming task of job searching, allowing them to focus on preparing for upcoming interviews and advancing their careers with confidence.